The Maidstone Mole Catcher

Maidstone Mole Control Services £90
My name is Kevin Janes and I provide a specialist mole catcher service in Maidstone and surrounding areas. Moles will cause huge amounts of damage to lawns and paddocks by digging extensive tunnel networks in search of food.

These tunnels are cleared out with all the excess soil being pushed to the surface causing unsightly mole hills. Over a long period of time the ground will become unstable and begin to cave in posing a risk to horses and cattle.

I specialize in catching moles and guarantee to resolve any mole infestation quickly and humanly using the traditional method of mole trapping.

How Much Will It Cost?
My price structure is designed to show my customers my ability to control a mole problem quickly. There is no charge for setting traps or for travel costs. You simply pay for what is caught.

Most gardens is Maidstone will have just a single mole but the longer a mole is left in the area then the chances of others moving in will significantly increase.

catching mole in maidstone using traps

How Long Will It Take To Catch The Mole?
Normally I will catch the mole within 48 hours but this may vary depending on conditions and the number of moles present. Moles are not nocturnal but will actively feed every 4 hours throughout the day and night. Even if the mole hills stop appearing this does not mean the mole has moved on.

If you have a large area of land in Maidstone that has been infested with moles then I can provide a yearly contract to bring them under control. This will consist of a number of visits every 4-6 weeks reducing the numbers significantly.

To find out more about my mole control in Maidstone please contact me today!


I also Cover East Malling, West Malling, Detling, Thurnham, Bearstead, Weavering, Hollingbourne, Downswood, Otham, Linton, Loose, East Farleigh, West Farleigh, East Barming, Wateringbury, Coxheath, West Peckham, East Peckham and surrounding areas.

controlling a mole problem in Maidstone

Maidstone Mole Control Reviews

Overnight about 8 mole hills appeared on the lawn. I tried myself with no sucess. Called the Maidstone mole catcher who set his traps and caught the mole within 48 hours. Very impressive!

Mr Shore - Maidstone
Certainly knew what he was doing. Quickly located to tunnel and set the traps. Two moles caught later that week.

Jenny Longford - Maidstone

See our Maidstone mole catcher video here.