Mole Control Sevenoaks

Mole Catcher Sevenoaks £90
If you’re experiencing problems with moles then call the Sevenoaks Mole Catcher today.
I will quickly catch and resolve any mole infestation using traditional mole control methods. This includes skillfully setting traps in the mole runs bringing a quick end to your problem.

Trapping moles is still the most effective and humane method available and at no point will i use gases or poisons.

Why do we have a mole problem?
Over the last 4-5 years the mole population in Sevenoaks have significantly increased due to ideal breeding conditions.

Moles are very aggressive feeders with their diet consisting of worms and grubs. They dig extensive tunnel networks which allows them to gather any worms that have fallen into their trap for an easy meal.  

the sevenoaks mole catcher setting traps

Home remedies?
When someone encounters a mole problem for the first time understandably they head to the internet to find a quick solution.

With many people trying the likes of diesel, jeyes fluid, moth balls, sound emitting devices and even a hose down the hole!

Unfortunately none of these methods work as you may find out and the only way to control a mole problem is to find a mole catcher in Sevenoaks who is skilled in catching these elusive animals such as me.

Covering Godden Green, Underriver, Bitchet Green, Seal Chart, Seal, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Brasted, Kemsing, Ivy Hatch, Ightham, Heaversham, Otford, Shoreham and Hildenborough.

effective mole control in Sevenoaks


Sevenoaks Mole Control Reviews

Very polite chap who caught or mole within 48 hours. Very pleased with the service provided.

Mrs Weyems - Sevenoaks
We have always had a problem with moles in the field. Kevin trapped 16 moles in a week and no sign of any mole hills now.

Mr Lambert - Sevenoaks