Tonbridge Mole Catcher

Mole Control in Tonbridge £90
My name is Kevin Janes and I provide a specialist mole catcher service in tonbridge and surrounding areas.

A single mole can destroy a lawn in just 24 hours leaving moles hills and tunnels in their wake. Moles do not hibernate but are often less active during hotter weather because they go deeper into the ground in search of worms.

As soon as the wetter weather arrives the worms will descend towards the surface with the moles closely behind. A single mole will consume a third of its body weight every single day which mainly consists of worms.

How Do You Catch Moles?
Moles are fascinating and elusive animals often proving incredibly difficult for an amateur to catch.

I use professional mole traps which are places strategically into the moles run. Often the traps are set completely out of sight meaning I can be very discreet while providing my mole control services.

Once a mole has moved onto your lawn its very unlikely it will disappear. The sooner you call a mole catcher in Tonbridge then the less damage will be caused to your garden. Although most people assume moles are solitary animals this is not strictly true.

In my experience moles will happily share tunnel systems providing there is a sustainable food source for them to share. Often during the breeding season you will have multiple males per female in a single network. 

mole catcher in tonbridge setting traps

You Pay Per Mole – Cost effective mole control
My Tonbridge mole control prices as very simple to understand. I charge per mole rather than per visit.

This shows my customers my ability to quickly catch and remove any resident moles with the minimum of fuss. You only pay for results!

The first mole caught is charged at just £90 and any additional moles trapped are charged at the discounted rate.

Covering Hadlow, Bidborough, Southborough, Tadley, Chiddingstone, Southborough, Whetsted, Fordcombe, Four Elms, Marsh Green, Hever, Cowden and all surrounding areas. 

Read My Tonbridge Mole Control Reviews

We had several moles damaging the garden. Kevin set his traps and returned the following day resulting in 3 moles trapped.

Mr Kingswood - Tonbridge
Kevin made numerous visits throughout the week resulting in a total of 8 moles caught. Obviously a very skilled mole catcher!

Mrs Hepworth - Tonbridge